Now Is The Time To Create A Bigger Life For Yourself

CIES is a Best Study Abroad Consultant. CIES Helps you to discover the endless possibilities of settling abroad in the most authentic and systematic manner

Now is the time to create a bigger life for yourself

CIES Helps you to discover the endless possibilities of setting abroad in the most authentic and systematic manner

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Welcome to CIES : Your Gateway to Global Opportunities!


CIES- Centre for Immigration and Education Services, is a Best Study Abroad Consultant, well-renowned, and one of the most trusted Consultancies in India. We are committed to providing reliable assistance to every individual who has ever dreamt of settling abroad for study or work. CIES is considered the Best Study Abroad Consultant in Delhi/NCR.

CIES is a Best Study Abroad Consultant that acts as a one-stop consultancy for all study abroad processes, immigration processes, and all types of Visa applications. We start your hand-holding right from the IELTS Training to offering Post-Landing Services.

CIES believes in providing exceptional guidance and support to all students seeking reliable guidance about studying abroad. With a team of experienced professionals, CIES offers personalized assistance, helping students navigate the complex process of studying overseas. Our commitment to excellence and attention to detail sets us apart, making CIES the top choice for aspiring international students.

Since 2017,CIES has stood firm on its service, integrity, and reliability motto and has achieved countrywide recognition.

What We Offer

Visa Application
Visa Application means any
application in the form required
by a Government Authority that
seeks to apply for a visa.
Work Permit
Work Permit, an official document
that gives permission to someone
who is foreign to work in a country.
It helps in empowering your academic
and career goals by removing the
financial barrier.

Frequently Asked Questions about Study Abroad

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